Ready to reinvent the way you cook during the week?

How amazing would it be to open your refrigerator on a Monday morning and see a week's worth of healthy, nourishing meals?

  • You'd feel like you were coming home at night to relax ... not like you were starting work all over again.
  • You'd know that a home-cooked meal could be on the table faster than pizza delivery.
  • You'd be able to look forward to indulgent, veg-centered dishes every night of the week -- not just on weekends.

"You did it with Cook the Seasons! I planned my menu in about 30 minutes. Used the automated shopping list. The grocery store was a breeze. You are our superstar, Lia!
I have not felt this together with seasonal, whole-food cooking for my family EVER.”

Casey M.

You start every week with good intentions (and a crisper drawer full of kale), but in reality you just can’t fit healthy, seasonal cooking in on busy weeknights.

Why? Because when you get home later than planned and everyone's starving, you just don't have the energy to tackle all those veggies and turn that refrigerator full of raw ingredients into full-fledged meals.

So you heat up a pizza, or call for takeout ... and when Saturday rolls around again, you can’t help but feel guilty as you toss the wilted kale and slimy cukes into the trash. Then you head out to the market to start the cycle all over again!

Sound familiar?

I get it, I've been there. And I can help.

I'm Lia Huber, founder of the NOURISH Evolution and creator of Cook the Seasons, and I'm about to become the best thing in your kitchen since sliced whole grain bread. You can trust you'll love my recipes because you already do. I've been writing for magazines that are probably on your coffee table now--like Cooking Light, Eating Well, Better Homes & Gardens and Health--for over 15 years, and am often on TV showing people how to cook simple, nourishing meals. So it's like we already know each other. But here's why you really want me in your kitchen.

My new program, Cook the Seasons, is a fresh approach to meal planning for busy people who want a healthier, simpler and downright tastier way to eat.

"This program really is the best thing out there for busy people. It’s better quality food than freezer cooking, it’s fresher and more environmentally friendly than shipped pre-made meals or meal kits, and it’s less stressful than trying to cook on weeknights. The recipes are delicious and healthy and can be tailored to any dietary restriction. You won’t regret this!”

Mel O.

"Started the week with Roasted Broccoli and Spiced Quinoa. My daughter said 'Mom you should always make broccoli this way'. The comment tonight after butternut squash/shallots and farrotto was 'the meals this week have been really good'. I just need to double everything so as to have enough for reinvention recipes and leftovers!"

Nancy G.

"I signed up because Cook the Seasons seemed similar to our summer cooking when we hit the farmers market weekly. But it has changed the way we eat! All four of us like veggies, but they were never front and center in our meals. Now, we eat much less meat, and our six year old wants to be a vegetarian. Our grocery bill is half of what it was and so is our trash! And the adults in the house have both lost weight without dieting. I cannot say enough good things about the program."

Aileen W.

Meet Cook the Seasons

Cook the Seasons is an entirely unique online meal planner. Yes, it's got one-click menu planning and automated shopping list creation. But the beauty of Cook the Seasons goes way beyond automation.

  • Rather than default to “meat first” planning, we lead you through a process that flips your mindset so you start thinking “veggie first.”
  • Rather than have you search thousands of random recipes, we’ve carefully curated a set of simple, nourishing “Core Recipes” that mix and match with one another, and developed and tested each one ourselves.
  • Rather than have you start from scratch each night, we’ve created “Reinvention Recipes” for every one of our “Core Recipes” for easy meals throughout the week and no waste come the weekend.

It’s a revolutionary approach to meal planning that will change the way you cook, the way you shop, the way you think about your meals.



I call these re-purposed dishes “Reinvention Recipes" because while they may use what you’ve already got in the fridge, they’re a far cry from uninspiring leftovers.

I’ve put, literally, hundreds of hours into thinking all of this through so that you don’t have to.

"Oh my goodness! I just made my first meal with Cook the Seasons and I am sooo hooked! I went pescatarian and my shopping bill was very reasonable, even with shopping at my local co-op and getting everything I could organic. I did some prep work over the weekend and tonight was a breeze. My 3 and 5 year old even gobbled it all up! Thank you for all the hard work put into making things so easy for us!"

Nalynn N.

"We are buying groceries more carefully and using all of what we buy - less waste. We are eating a wider variety of vegetables and trying new ways of preparing the old standbys - vegetables dishes are more interesting. Being involved in this group has made me approach food buying and cooking differently so even when I don't follow the program exactly, my week still ends up more nutritiously than it did a year ago."

Mickey B.

"A week in, my husband, who wasn't sure about spending the money, LOVES this. He's liked everything we've made and is impressed that we are using everything we buy. He even said that there are fewer dishes (his job) and less trash. Thanks, Lia!"

Aileen W.

"This week has been so much fun! By doing 1 large meal on Monday and making some Core sides, I've been able to mix and match and throw meals together quickly. And my kids have surprised me by trying everything, and liking a lot of it! I'm so excited for next week! We've already got some hits and I can't wait to try more!

Laura G.

Unlike other menu planning services, Cook the Seasons doesn’t present you with an all-or-nothing proposition (What if you don’t like shrimp? What if you’re going out on Thursday night? What if your spouse is lactose-intolerant?). Nor does it pile unrelated recipe upon unrelated recipe, which just leads to exhaustion, burnout, and a fridge full of spoiled leftovers.

Cook the Seasons is flexible. You choose. Build the week around your schedule, and build your meals around your tastes – each recipe has icons to indicate whether it’s gluten free, vegan, paleo-friendly or dairy free. I’ve even marked the ones that’ll freeze well or make great leftovers for lunch.

How amazing would it be to eat everything you make and use everything you buy?

With Cook the Seasons, you can!

With Cook the Seasons, you'll:

  • Develop an entirely new habit for meal planning that’ll solve the age-old “what’s for dinner?” panic for good
  • Broaden your repertoire of veg-based recipes (you’ll never get bored with squash again…I promise!)
  • Learn to strategically plan so you only buy what's needed
  • Be one of those people who can literally get a fresh, tasty, wholesome meal on the table in 20 minutes flat
  • Feel great about knowing that everything you're putting on your plate (and on your kids' plates) is nourishing, unprocessed, real ... and DELICIOUS

Cook the Seasons is the easiest way to keep your best intentions … even on days when life gets in the way


How awesome would it be to sit down to a Pinterest-like screen full of drool-worthy food photos ... but rather than being overwhelmed by what to choose, or worrying whether it was healthy, to know that everything on the screen was nourishing? And that everything on each screen went together, like a mix-and-match outfit?

Here's what you'll get with Cook the Seasons

  • 1


This is where all the fun happens! A gorgeous, Pinterest-like interface where you can browse all 300+ recipes for the season on your computer, tablet or phone. Add any recipe to your weekly Meal Mapper with one click.

  • 2


Once you choose a Core Recipe, the dynamic sidebar will show you what other recipes goes well with it, and what Reinvention recipes you can make with leftovers.

  • 3


When you're ready to plan your week, open the Meal Mapper and click on a day to find the Core and Reinvention recipes you've chosen for that week. Then decide which day you want to make or prep each recipe.

  • 4


When you're ready to head to the market and cook, simply click a button for your shopping list and recipes. The shopping list is divided into sections for easy gathering, and recipes are automatically scaled based on what you have in your Meal Mapper.

  • 5


We add five NEW seasonal recipes every other week to Cook the Seasons. Plus, each Friday I'll send you an additional bonus recipe and my own personal Meal Mapper, so you’ll always have a starting place – even on weeks when you're behind the 8-ball.

  • 6


Ask questions, share your meals and connect with the passionate (and hungry!) Cook the Seasons community. Our members are an amazing, supportive, creative bunch.



  • +


Get stocked up for success. Think of your pantry as the backbone of seasonal meals. I’ll tell you just what you need for each season and how to use it (for example, do you know which olive oil to use when?).

  • +


Make sure you have everything you need to make your prep as painless as possible. Each season requires its own set of tools, and these are the essential ones you'll use again and again … you might be surprised by how simple most of them are!

Ready to get started? Click YES below to register.
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Here’s how your week will look:


    Look out for my e-mail each Friday in case you want to swipe my plan for the week. Or browse around and make your own. The dynamic sidebar makes it super easy to pick dishes that mix and match, and to strategically use up leftovers with Reinvention Recipes. One click adds them to the Meal Mapper.


    Once you’ve added your recipes to the Meal Mapper, assign each dish to a night of the week. Then set aside 60-90 minutes over the weekend to prep and cook some of your Core Recipes before the week begins, knowing that this is the most hands-on time you’ll spend in the kitchen all week.


    Gaze lovingly at the fruits (or rather vegetables!) of your labor knowing there’s a week’s worth of nourishing, seasonal meals in your fridge. Then put your Meal Mapper to work and enjoy all the extra time you have during the week! You won’t believe how easy it is to stay focused on real, wholesome, seasonal foods.

Seasonal eating has never been this simple.

"Orecchiette with broccoli, kale, and sausage made with leftovers from the last two dinners. This was SOOOOOOOO good! And, since everything was already cooked, it only took about 15 minutes to pull together."


"Tonight we had Simple Asian Sole and Wok-Seared Broccoli. Great! My husband said to tell you he thinks this is a great project! Which I feel also--an incredible project and amazingly well produced! Look forward to many more meals at your table!"


"Loving all the learning that comes with this program. I am realizing that I was intimidated by a lot of fresh veggies because I had no idea how to cook with them. Now I'm buying Swiss chard, looking for purple and white asparagus, cooking radishes (who knew they were more than a salad garnish?). Huge shout-out to Lia and the team. So happy I signed up for this program!"


"OMG! I like KALE! If you had asked me a month ago, before CTS, if I liked veggies I would have said, 'not really'. Now I've done a complete 180. Thank you Lia and team!"


"This is way too much fun -- I was a fool to only enlist for a season. I have been so impressed at the speed I am able to put together a meal, and veggies I'd turned my nose up at in the past I now know how to cook so I love them!"


"Now, we eat much less meat, and our six year old wants to be a vegetarian. Our grocery bill is half of what it was and so is our trash! And the adults in the house have both lost weight without dieting. I cannot say enough good things about the program."

Aileen W.

I know what you're thinking ...

My family are picky eaters ... I'm afraid they won't like it.

I get it ... we're trained to think that kids won't like food that's inherently healthy. But read the dozens of testimonials here (and dozens more that couldn't fit!) from families who were floored that their kids (and picky spouses) gobbled up Cook the Seasons meals ... and then gobbled up all the leftovers designated for Reinvention Recipes. The biggest "problem" families have with Cook the Seasons, in fact, isn't that their kids won't eat the meals ... it's that they eat all the leftovers! 🙂

I'm gluten free and my daughter/son/spouse is paleo/vegan/dairy free ... I'm afraid I won't find anything that will work for us.

You're not alone. Which is why we've marked each recipe with an icon indicating whether they're Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free or Paleo Friendly. So you can choose what works for you. What's more, Cook the Seasons is based on seasonal vegetables, which are naturally "all of the above," and we work hard to build flavor in healthier ways (like simple pestos and rubs) rather than leaning on "easy outs" like cheese or carbs.

I just cook for myself ... I'm afraid this won't work for me.

We have LOTS of solo cooks in Cook the Seasons, and they love how easy it is to scale the week according to what works for them. They also love the incredibly engaged, supportive community through our Facebook group!

I've never really liked vegetables ... I'm afraid I'd be biting off more than I can (or want to) chew.

Oh my goodness, I hear you. I used to HATE vegetables. That's one of the things that makes Cook the Seasons so different ... these aren't just "steamed broccoli and salad" veggies, these are veggie dishes that have been crafted to taste so amazing you can't wait to eat them again. But don't take my word for it ... read what Cook the Seasons members say! Many start Cook the Seasons thinking it'll help them eat the way they should ... but they quickly realize the food is so good that they're eating the way they want to.

I don't have time to cook ... I'm afraid Cook the Seasons will be a waste of time for me.

On the contrary, my friend. Cook the Seasons will actually save you time (and, quite frankly, money). By creating a simple plan at the beginning of the week and prepping many of the dishes during your free time, you'll find you're spending MUCH less time in the kitchen--and on frantic, last-minute runs to the supermarket--than before.

I'm already pretty comfortable in the kitchen ... I'm afraid Cook the Seasons will be too basic for me.

While many of our members are still getting comfortable in the kitchen, we have plenty of members who are quite confident cooks, and we've designed Cook the Seasons to work for the whole range. If you're a more seasoned cook (har har), dip into our Flavor Builders to ratchet up the complexity of any of the dishes, or choose the ones (like our Homemade Gravlax or Pickled Radishes) that push the envelope.

I'm not much of a cook ... I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed with Cook the Seasons.

So ... have I told you that it is my mission in life to help people like you make a shift from processed food to real food in real life? Really, it is. So if you're wanting to make a shift to eating more seasonal veggies and whole foods you (quite literally) could not be in a better place. Not only did we design Cook the Seasons for you, we've got a Facebook Group full of people (myself included) who are thrilled to have the opportunity to walk beside you on your NOURISH Evolution! Yes, it's a learning curve, and like all learning curves it takes time to master. But we won't let you get overwhelmed! 🙂

This is more than I want to spend ... I'm afraid it's not going to be worth it.

If you're just looking for a software tool to gather random recipes off the internet, then don't buy Cook the Seasons. Really, don't. Cook the Seasons is a carefully curated and developed set of recipes that are designed to work together as simple mix-and-match meals, whose leftovers are strategically repurposed for easy meals during the week. The result is a subtle shifting of the way you plan, the way you cook, the way you eat. Plus, you end up saving money because there's no wasted food. But don't take my word for it ... read what others have experienced -- and give it a try! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there's no risk at all.

My mission in life (really!) is to inspire and equip people to make a lasting shift from processed food to real food in real life, which is what drove me to create Cook the Seasons, and why I’ve packed it with as much value as possible.

I believe in walking the talk.

Best of all at just $55 for 3 months’ membership or $180 for the entire year, the investment is something that just about everyone can say “yes” to.

Having a hard time believing Cook the Seasons is worth the $55 investment?

Just take a moment and think about the food you’ve thrown away this week. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, an average family of 4 in the U.S. throws out 30% of the groceries they buy every single week and spends an average of $223 per week.  So by using Cook the Seasons you could easily recoup your investment in one (absolutely delicious) week.


Average amount of food wasted each week by an American family


Average amount a family of 4 spends on food per week


Average amount of money thrown away on wasted food per month


Amount wasted in 3 months


Number of weeks it would take to recoup your Cook the Seasons investment based on food savings alone


  • You want to eat healthy, wholesome, unprocessed foods

  • You’re looking for an ingenious way to cut down the amount of time and energy you spend in the kitchen

  • You’re stuck in a bit of a food rut – Tuesday, tacos. Wednesday, pasta. Always.

  • You’re disturbed by the fact the pizza delivery boy now knows you by name

  • You lead a super-busy life and need a viable shortcut to eating healthfully that doesn’t involve convenience foods or the weekly expense of a meal delivery service

  • You’re tired of feeling like you’re walking in the door to another job at 5:00

  • You’re feeling pretty guilty about the amount of food you throw out every week

  • You’re committed to spending 90-minutes at the start of each week to set you and your refrigerator up for success (trust me, this is key)

Are you ready to indulge in scrumptious seasonal meals, save time and money, and feel better about what you’re eating than you ever have before?

Sign up for Cook the Seasons now!

Are you ready?

Simply click the "I'm in!" button below and you'll be taken to a screen where you can choose a seasonal or annual subscription and pay with any major credit card.

As soon as your payment is received you'll get a welcome e-mail from me with details of how to join the Facebook community, plus instant access to all Cook the Seasons has to offer.


"Lia’s cooking principles are what I always strive for when I prepare meals: maximum flavor, using a fast and versatile recipe for seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs. Lia has a very balanced approach to nutrition and gets inspiration from the best cuisines worldwide. Although I have been preparing food for more than thirty years, NOURISH Evolution has transformed the way I cook, making it more efficient and enjoyable. Thanks to her approach, I now easily incorporates more vegetables and fruits, with visible effects on my health, well-being and energy levels. Plus, I have been getting more compliments on my cooking than ever!”


“I have been cooking NOURISH recipes for four years, and they work, every single time. My whole family loves NOURISH, even my four and six year olds. I love being introduced to new foods, learning how to cook seasonal foods, and learning how to plan my weeks so I'm efficient in the kitchen. I love NOURISH Evolution, the work they do is amazing, and we get the benefits of super tasty, heathy meals. And through the process I'm becoming a much better and more inspired cook!”


“Lia especially inspires me because she has fibromyalgia just like me -- and I LOVE that she has beaten it with healthy, nourishing food. I really like the way Lia introduces us to new, fresh ingredients and takes away the fear of cooking with them. The NOURISH Evolution has helped me see just how important the food we put in our bodies is, and that learning to cook and eat in a better way is a process: it's ok to fall occasionally as long as I get back up, dust myself off, and get back on the healthy horse!”


“Lia’s recipes have become many of our family favorites and they always work the first time - no tweaking or refining needed. Now, with the addition of Cook the Seasons, I eagerly anticipate trips to the farmers’ market and picking up my CSA share as I know there will always be a NOURISH recipe that matches what is in my basket.”


Saving time and money has never tasted so good!

Join me and over 600 others in Cook the Seasons!

Lia, it's true what they say, the teacher will appear when the student is ready. Thanks for helping me see what I can do for (and with) my family!

Melanie R.

Hi, I'm Lia Huber!

I'd love to help you and your family make a lasting shift from processed food to real food.

But why should you listen to me?

I've been a professional food writer and recipe developer since 1996, and I'm guessing if you've ever bought a copy of Cooking LightEating WellBetter Homes & Gardens or Health you've probably already cooked at least one of my recipes! You might also have seen me on ABC and the LiveWell Network.

Why am I so passionate about helping people cut processed foods out of their diets?

Because when I was in my twenties I was diagnosed with lupus and told, by a lovely but very stern doctor, that I needed to transform the way I ate.

As someone who at the time had what can only be described as a hate-hate relationship with vegetables, you can imagine that my journey towards a better way of eating wasn't smooth.

First, I needed to figure out how to make vegetables taste just as compelling to me as the junk food I'd grown up with. And then, once that gargantuan feat was accomplished, I needed to develop new habits so that my new way of eating would stick over the long haul.

It worked. So well, in fact, that my lupus diagnosis was reversed to fibromyalgia and the pain and exhaustion that used to plague me gave way to energy, focus and calm.

Once I was out of the woods health-wise and real food had become my default, I realized that, as a food pro, I was uniquely placed to help others do the same.

Through my work with NOURISH Evolution, and now Cook the Seasons, I've helped thousands of people transform the way they and their families eat -- I was even named Entrepreneur of the Year by my peers at the International Association of Culinary Professionals in 2012.

While my work takes me all over the world, home is the San Francisco Bay Area where I live with my husband, Christopher, and daughter and chief recipe tester, Noemi.


I created Cook the Seasons specifically to help you move forward on your NOURISH Evolution. So what, I can hear you asking, is a NOURISH Evolution? It’s a five-stage journey we all take as we make the shift from processed foods to real foods.

Blissfully Blind Prairie is where everyone begins, eating whatever is in the path of least resistance and having no desire to change.

This is the stage where you glimpse the consequences of staying in Blissfully Blind Prairie. There is desire to change, but not much will, and not much know-how.

The Hump is the "something" that moves you out of the Pinnacles of Should-Angst and towards real change. Often, though not always, it's a "life event."

This is the process of developing new habits through trial and error when making the shift from processed to real food.

You know you’re there when your default is cooking—and thoroughly enjoying—real food…within the demands and challenges of real life.

While I might live in the Land of Nourish now, that hasn’t always been the case.  I spent many a year in my teens and early twenties stumbling around in the Blissfully Blind Prairie eating pretty much anything I fancied.  Later, as a food writer and recipe developer I probably knew more than most about what I shouldn’t have been eating, which made my time in The Pinnacles of Shouldangst all the more difficult to swallow.

But it wasn’t until I reached The Hump that I knew I needed to make a massive change.

Everyone’s Hump is different but mine came in my mid-twenties when, out of nowhere, I started experiencing unbearable aches and pains that kept me up all night and severely impacted my mobility.

After several trips to the doctor’s office and numerous blood tests I was diagnosed with Lupus and told in no uncertain terms that I would need to significantly change the way I ate.  There I was, a professional food writer and recipe developer for a major “healthy” food magazine being told I needed to eat more healthfully.

The good news is, that diagnosis turned the way I ate upside down forever.

I got to work researching the healthiest possible way to eat which I knew as a life-long vegetable shirker, was almost certainly going to be hard to stomach.

And as I dug deeper into the many long-term health studies that were being published right around that time and began researching the diets of the healthiest cultures around the world, I reached a not-so-earth-shattering discovery:

I should eat more vegetables, a handful or two of whole grains and round out my meals with attentively-sourced fish, meat and poultry.

After making my discovery, I dove in headfirst and set up camp in The Peaks and Valleys of Practice. Pretty soon I was cooking and eating vegetables I’d never even heard of, and was surprised to realize vegetables I’d always disliked intensely tasted so freaking amazing when they were eaten in season (spongy tasteless tomato in January anyone? Thought not.) and given a little TLC.

Several years on and I now live in The Land of NOURISH, where cooking from scratch and eating with the seasons has truly become my default. And as a result, I'm calmer yet have more energy, I weigh 15 pounds less and never feel like I'm on a diet ... I'm healthy and get more pleasure from eating than I ever did before. I know this is a place a lot of people aspire to get to but struggle to reach, which is exactly why I created Cook the Seasons.

Whether you're in the Pinnacles of Should-Angst looking to make a shift away from processed food, or in the Peaks and Valleys of Practice craving new flavors, Cook the Seasons will make a radical difference. I invite you to join me!

Join me and over 600 others in Cook the Seasons!

Halibut, sautéed green beans, marinated tomatoes, and peach salsa. Oh my. My husband has ogled over every single meal that I have made since starting. Delicious and healthy.

Michelle B.